the mystery that is Madam Maeve

Madam Maeve


APPLY to serve!

How did you find out about the lifestyle and how did you get started with it?

Actually found it through doing research on the internet when I was younger, I got involved originally when I was 18 but was curious before that age. Once I turned 18 I made a profile on FetLife and started doing my own research. Getting books and actually learning about the lifestyle and the dynamics.

My first fetish was tight latex gloves lol and that’s how I knew that something was different about my preferences.

Did wearing latex make you want to try on more and explore?

No actually! I preferred to be touched by them being worn by somebody else.

Did you enjoy the sensation thus giving you a sensation fetish?

It was a few different things. Sensation was definitely part of it. It was also the way that they looked. Kind of like an inanimate object. It was the look and feel of them tightly fitting on someone else’s hands. I also have a hand fetish lol

What are some of your favorite fetishes?

My top favs would have to be impact play, mental domination, wax play, human furniture, and sissification.

What about mental domination excites you?

I enjoy mental domination because I’ve been on the other side of it. Getting my clients to subspace is the ultimate high that involves no drugs. It’s a great euphoric feeling that nothing can ruin! You get to turn off the world and turn away from your problems and just let Madam take control and let you float into a euphoric bliss.

How does impact play make you feel during a session?

I truly enjoy making others feel good and helping them process whatever feelings they’re dealing with. BDSM and impact play can be a form of therapy for people with trauma or other issues. And it’s a different way of processing those feelings but we are channeling it in a healthy way in a safe environment.

What type of impact play do you enjoy the most and what devices do you like to use?

So impact play is a broad term and you can use all kinds of different devices with it. I don’t particularly use one device throughout the entire time I’m doing impact play. I like to experiment a little bit with each item and slowly work up my clients to help them with their pain threshold. I gauge their pain threshold in the beginning of the session to know how hard I can go because the goal is not to get people to safe word. Safe wording causes you to come out of subspace sometimes so if we can avoid getting you to a safe word that is ideal. I generally like to start off with floggers because they are the most versatile and can be used for many different things on many different parts of the body. You can also use different pressures as well. And then I kind of work up from there using different devices and I let the sub communicate with me on whether or not they enjoy it and they want more of that device, or if they’d like to switch to a different device.

What do you do to help get your clients in to subspace and keep them there and how do you bring them out of it when the session is over?

So in order to get someone to subspace you have to get to know them a little bit. I like to take time with my clients before we have our session to actually negotiate out our scene. I like to go through hard limits, soft limits, things they may want to try, and what kind of aftercare they require. I make sure that I keep notes on all of my clients to make sure that I can meet all of their needs. If I’m not catering specifically to my clients needs and/or wants, I can’t expect to get them into subspace. There’s an art and a way of doing it in the way that you say things and use your words. It is hard to explain. We’ll go over a little bit and text but I always do a negotiation phone call so we can talk and hear each other’s voices and also hear tone of voice.

What do you think about some Dommes solely use one device of their choosing and doing what they want to a slave with it?

That is not how true BDSM works if you want to build trust in your dynamic. I like long-term subs so if I want someone to trust me and I want them to enjoy themselves enough to come back to me, I have to make sure that I am gauging what works for them best. A true Dom knows this. Also a true Dom should be using each device on themselves before they use it on another person.

I am 30 now so I started in the lifestyle at 18 but have only been pro for about a year. That means I’ve been in the lifestyle for 12 years now. I also am in a local kink group and go to classes regularly to learn things and events.

How has the pandemic affected how you do sessions?

I actually started my career as a dominatrix in the middle of the pandemic! So I honestly don’t know anything different. I would say that it is definitely a bit slower and people are a bit more cautious. But I’m a neat freak and a health nut so it tends to help ease some people’s minds.

What do you enjoy most about being a female dominatrix?

I would have to say that I enjoy making my subs feel good and getting them into subspace the most. It is a good and healthy release for them. It helps them de-stress and forget about their normal lives for a while. There’s an added bonus that it does help with confidence and feeling empowered. But I feel like making my subs feel good as the most important thing to me

Are you more into ensuring the slave is enjoying themselves or more so just your amusement and pleasure?

I mean I most definitely get amusement and pleasure from it, and if it is there kink to be used by me then I can definitely make that happen. But they are paying me for my experience in my And my experience tells me that this is for everyone’s enjoyment.

It is my duty as a dominatrix to provide a type of therapy that is not provided anywhere else.

I can’t tell you how many subs have broken down in tears because of the release of trauma during a scene and we will stop and talk about it.

What do you like most about the lifestyle and how has it made you a better person? Has it changed you in any way or how you do things?

What I like most about the lifestyle is the understanding about boundaries and consent. I feel like in the normal world or the vanilla world as we call it, that isn’t really taught from an early age therefore we live in a crappy society now because of it. If respecting boundaries and respecting consent was taught at a very early age we would live in a highly different world.

It has made me a better person because it always forces you to learn and grow as a person that means both inside and out. Always learning new things about people and being able to respect who they are and accept them how they are no matter what it is and whether or not you agree with it. If something comes up that you’re not interested in you just say that it’s not your kink but you don’t shame people for it.

What are your thoughts on tributes and gifts and what types do you enjoy?

I think that they show appreciation to us Dom’s before we see our subs. It is another way that subs can show their appreciation for their Dom when they can’t be physically with them. I very much enjoy tributes, I have yet to have anyone buy anything off my wish list, but I do enjoy getting tributes regardless. I always prioritize clients that send tributes first.

What would your advice be to a Domme just starting out?

Focus on your business and your money and building up your clientele. Do not get too close to anybody because there are a lot of abusers in this industry that like to mask themselves as Dom’s. And unfortunately I have already worked with a few in my short time that I have started.

Do you have any signs new Dommes should look out for in regards to abusers?

A lot of them tend to be narcissists and being well-versed on how narcissistic abuse works would be helpful. They will love bomb you with compliments and be your friend for a little while, and then slowly break you down by attacking your character and your physical looks to make you feel bad and then try and reel you back in with lies that they have made up about other people to isolate you so they can have you under their control.

Red flags would be them not respecting your boundaries right off the bat even after you have communicated your boundaries to them. A true DOM will respect them.

What is your opinion on websites/payment methods/social media cracking down and making it more difficult for SWers? What do you feel should be done about it?

I would say that TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram Are the ones that crack down the most on us. It makes it really difficult to tell clients where to go to find our services. I’m not sure that there’s much we can do about it because they are privately owned platforms that can make their own rules that we have to abide by.

What type of outfit do you feel the most dominant or sexiest in?

Honestly, it varies from day to day. Some days I’ll like to wear a skirt with fishnets and stilettos with some kind of strappy crop top and then other days I like leather boots corsets and pasties with leather pants as well.

What is your view on financial domination?

To be honest, I haven’t done much of it but I would like to learn more about it. It’s one of those things that I would like to try.

what is something slaves do that annoys you? also, what is something that you see or hear that you don’t agree with?

I would say one of the most annoying things is when they first contact me and they don’t introduce themselves or address me properly, and just assume that I’m available right then and there for a session and then also assume that I’m an escort because I’m not. My other biggest pet peeve is when they don’t know their limits. Everyone has hard limits so I really hate when they tell me to do whatever I want because I’ll come up with something drastically insane just to prove that they have hard limits.

I see a lot of dominatrixes treating others like their submissives outside of the dungeon without their consent and I don’t agree with that.

If you had the power to do or change anything what would you do?

If I had the ability to change anything it would be how heartless humans can be.

If there was a movie made about you what would it be called?

This one was pretty hard but I think I would like it to be called “Get Fucked”.

What have you come to learn about yourself from being in this lifestyle?

What I have learned from this lifestyle about myself is that I have a hard time letting go. But this lifestyle has helped me become more myself over the years and proud of that.

Seeing how far you’ve come today, thinking back would you still have gotten into this lifestyle?

Absolutely! And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

WHO IS madam maeve? who is she? what kind of woman is she?

I am a genuine, upfront, in your face type of person, but also, I am a kind-hearted, sultry, and loving person as well. I have many different sides to me just like any other person, but I always like to push the limits and I always like to experience new things in life. Daring if you will. Within reason lol. I can be a lion on some days and I can be a sex panther kitten on other days. But overall, I would say I’m a leopard.

How does a Domme decide what title to go with Goddess, Madam, Mistress, etc…?

There’s really no trick to it It’s just whatever you prefer. It’s really that simple.

Is there any fetish(s) that’s taboo and off limits that you won’t do?

Scat, toilet play, or anything like that. Those are hard limits for me.

Do you enjoy working with other Dommes or solo more? and is doing sessions in a dungeon or your own home or playspace better for you?

If I have a partner that I’m good at working with then I love doing doubles but I also like doing solo as well. And I only do sessions in dungeons, the only time I do sessions at my home is if they are video chat. Because having subs at my place is not the safest idea for my own protection.

What steps do you take to protect yourself when meeting a new slave or before meeting them?

I always run background checks on all of my clients. I ask them to send me a photo ID, I don’t need their address or their drivers license, I just need their face, their data first, and their name. This ensures that I can make sure they don’t have assault or battery on their record for my own protection and I know what their face looks like before they arrive because I double check when I see their face in the camera before I open the door. I’m also well versed in Muay Thai kickboxing and self-defense.

I come from a military family and have dated many military men that have taught me very well.

What do you prefer? In-person or online? What are your thoughts on strapon play and chastity? Do you participate in locktober?

Both in person and online have their perks, but for long-term I would prefer online just because it’s a bit safer.

As for strap-on play I believe it is up to the Dom what they would like to do with that, I don’t mind it being worshiped but literal pegging is technically illegal.

I don’t mind chastity I do think it’s a bit cruel unless it is something that the sub truly wants. And if that is so then I would gladly participate in locktober, but I don’t expect my subs to do it automatically. However right now I am doing more in person.

I would like to Thank Madam Maeve for taking the time out of Her busy life to let me interview Her. I hope you check this lovely lady out and show Her some love…

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  1. This is a great interview with an inspiring Domme. I would love to know from Madam Maeve a little more about subspace. What is it about getting a client into subspace is a “mental high” for you? What is it about that state that gets you, the Domme, high? Would love to know more about your thinking on this concept.


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