the hotness that is kitkat

Goddess Kitkat


Who are you and why this lifestyle?

Hi !! I’m Domme KitKat. I am newer to findom and Twitter. I’ve been doing other things like feet finders and ELM. I enjoyed GFE and getting paid for pics and vids so I thought I’d look into the world of findom. After I researched it for a while I decided to give it a shot. I’m not in my 20’s or even 30’s anymore so I think it will be a bit harder for me, but at the same time I think I’m more understanding of what someone needs in a domme. People are looking for different things and what suits one sub may not be what another sub needs. Our job as dommes is to push boundaries for our subs kinks. In return we get money. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.

How did you get started in the lifestyle?

I just started doing findom. I’ve done GFE and sexting for a while and decided it wasn’t enough. I want pets to play with.

What type of play do you enjoy with your pets?

I want to be a domme that works with my subs kinks. Mainly foot and ass fetish, body worship, etc. I’ll do some humiliation and degradation to a point. Teasing but no nudity. I can be very bossy but I’m also very nice and approachable. I’ll be whatever I need to be depending on my subs personality and what they like. After all, they’re the ones paying for it.

What do you like about having your body worshipped?

I love getting told I still got it lol. It’s a very good boost to self esteem and makes my sex life better. I’m up against 20 and 30 yr olds. Plus I love just making subs drool.

Do you get any pleasure out of having your body worshipped?

For sure. Taking photos of my body is a turn on too and having others liking them is a bonus.

How do you make your subs drool?

By showing them photos of my feet, body and booty. Plus I’m really good at tease pics!!

What is your stance on pegging?

Not into it. I’m married and neither of us are into anal.

What are your thoughts on chastity and should all men be locked up?

Hell no. Only those into it. When it comes to sending money to their Queen, I don’t discriminate or care about their size. I also don’t know about anyone else but I’m not going sex free for a month.

Does being a Domme make you feel empowered and in control?

So a lot of these guys have control of everything in their lives and want someone else to let them lose control. This is a safe way for them to do so. In that respect, yes I love being a findom because it’s a mutual benefit. I get money and they get to lose control for a while. Other men just want to feel inferior and it can be fun doing that too. Being a domme is all about giving your sub what they need. What’s not to love about that especially when it’s money you’re getting in return. It is a powerful and in control feeling. It’s great for both parties.

Is the pandemic making things more difficult for you when it comes to doing sessions and what do you require beforehand?

Haven’t done anything in person yet but I think a minimum of $200 for meet ups is sufficient. The pandemic is over as far as I’m concerned. I think things can only get better from here. I wasn’t active as a domme last year and most of this year but I bet it made online jobs much better.

Do you feel you would enjoy In-Person sessions more or will you prefer to stay with online only?

Online is much safer. Not opposed to in-person public meets with someone that’s been mine for a while.

If there was a movie made about you what would it be called?

“She did whaaaat??!!!”

Did you find yourself being dominant growing up as a child?

I was an alpha for sure but I cherished my friends. Still have them today. I’m a control freak for sure.

What aspects of a slaves life or body would you want to control?

Bank account first, but responsibly with limits. No one is good to me broke. After that I would want to work with the sub to push the limits of what they’re comfortable having me control. It’s better to have a good relationship with your sub. You need trust.

Would you ever want a live-in slave to do your chores, errands and clean your house?

I wouldn’t want them living with me, but maybe. I’d have to trust them. I’d love to have a cook!!!

You mentioned you are married, what does your husband think about you being a Domme and having slaves serve and send you money?

He loves who I am and is great about supporting me no matter what I do. We have been together for 16 yrs and have a lot of respect and trust. He’s the best.

Does inflicting pain turn you on?

Depends on what the sub likes. It’s no fun hurting someone who doesn’t enjoy it. That’s not being a Domme, that’s just hurting someone for the sake of hurting them. I’m not really into hurting people so I’ve not done that. It might be a turn on if they enjoy it.

What is your advice for a newbie Domme who’s just getting into this lifestyle?

I’m new myself so I’d have to say be yourself and hang in there. Good things take time.

I would like to Thank Goddess Kitkat for taking the time out of Her busy life to let me interview Her. I hope you check this lovely lady out and show Her some love…

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2 thoughts on “the hotness that is kitkat

  1. This was a great interview. It allowed me to get out there and show my personality and how I’d be as a domme. I was able to show that not all dommes are uncaring and harsh. It’s all based off what subs need. Now subs…come be mine !!


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