the Queen will mindfuck you now…

Queen Prudence


How did you first find out about this lifestyle and what made you wanna get into it?

I was curious about certain types of kink long before I truly understood what I was actually interested in. In my late teens and early 20’s I started to truly explore more and research with partners and/or close friends. So that was the biggest catalyst; finally exploring things in person. Since the end of 2019 I began doing more research about the online industry and saw just how many people were out there that had the same views and interests that I did. Soon after I dove into doing online sessions and bringing my passion for Femdom and Findom to new platforms. So it’s really been something that I’ve always had an underlying passion for, and the more understanding and exploring I do just intensifies that.

So growing up would you say you were pretty dominant?

Yes. I’ve always been an assertive person. I’ve always wound up in leadership positions/roles without trying, and have a tendency to demand attention when I speak without trying to. It was a role that I feel I didn’t “adapt” as some do.

Do you prefer in-person or online sessions? Has the pandemic affected how you do sessions?

As of now I prefer online sessions.

The pandemic has most definitely impacted my decision to stay online for now, as it has most Dommes. I do feel that there are many ways to cater to all kinds of kinks and session styles online though, so it keeps those creative juices flowing. I do hope to get to the point of doing in person sessions in the future, but my vetting and trial process is quite extensive.

What does your vetting process entail? what do you look forward to doing once you’re able to do in-person sessions?

My vetting process takes time mainly. I don’t do in person sessions with unknown and unowned subs, and true ownership takes time. Early on, someone said that true ownership doesn’t happen until at least 5-6 months, and after more experience I couldn’t agree more. So first and foremost they need to show loyalty and service online for a minimum of 6 months. Beyond that I would prefer some form of a “review” from a Domme they’ve previously had a session(s) with to see what they would have to say about them as a sub overall. Safety is a huge concern, and grows larger with online encounters. So any and all precautions are to keep myself and the sub safe and comfortable.

I think what I look forward to most about in-person sessions is the true connection that happens between D/s during intense sessions. It’s intoxicating. Even though you can do so many things online, it doesn’t compare to experiencing it with all your senses.

What types of fetishes do you enjoy engaging in with subs that turn you on and excite you?

I have been described as a Sensationalist Domme with sado masochist tendencies. I truly get off on playing into a subs kinks and really getting them into sub space. This also translates to being somewhat of a Pleasure Domme in most cases. My specialty and something I truly enjoy is Femdom worship and Female supremacy. My favorite sessions involve pegging, feminization, and role play.

Do you like inflicting pain? How does pegging make you feel? How do you like to feminize your subs?

I enjoy inflicting pain on those that want it. It has to be consensual in all cases or I’m immediately turned off. 

There is a certain element of power that comes with manipulating a strap properly, and I definitely get off on that. Another aspect I enjoy is the sheer level of desperation and adoration you get from a sub who craves to worship and submit to a Domme this way. 

Feminization is a lot of fun for me, and I make it clear to the sub from the beginning that the entire process isn’t about making them happy, it’s about making them perform and become the best slutty version of themselves for MY enjoyment. I send them on shopping trips, create specific tasks, and make them keep a diary for me to track their progress of turning them into the sexless femme-fatales they were born to be. It’s a lot of fun for us both.

Do you believe all men or certain men should be locked up forever in chastity and denied orgasm?

Certain men most definitely. Not *all* men. We still need our bulls. Who else would take care of all the cucks out there?

So what kinds of men would you lock up?

Genuinely, all true submissives should have experience being locked and controlled. There’s a certain mental shift that happens once you embrace the fact that your purpose is to please your superior, and not yourself. It creates a true understanding of your place as a sub and it strengthens the bond between a Domme and sub. It can be scary for a lot of subs at first but it definitely enhances the play and long term fun.

What do you like most about being a Domme?

I love being able to freely explore and facilitate healthy sexual expressions with people. Going beyond that and being the one to curate and satisfy someone’s fantasies and desires is really gratifying to me. I love the connection and the intense play that comes with really getting to know a sub.

Has becoming a Domme changed or improved your life in any way?

It’s definitely improved my relationship and my personal life. I’ve also been able to make and maintain new friendships with other Dommes online, which has been nice to have especially during the pandemic. As for my personal outlook and demeanor, I feel it’s made me a more cautious and calculating person – but in a good way.

Do you let your slaves cum? Or do you prefer to tease them and keep them denied? How do you like to punish them?

Really depends on the sub, but I do enjoy teasing and being bratty about their need/desire to cum.

Punishments are also based on kinks, and always involve a monetary compensation for their misbehavior.

If there was a movie made about you what would it be called?

Oh man, that’s a tough question.. let me think.. “Embrace Your Forbidden Desires”

What would your advice be to a Domme just starting out in this lifestyle…

Research. Do as much research as you possibly can. Ask questions, read articles, and be open to advice from experienced Dommes. I see a lot of newer Dommes who don’t seem to understand what lines shouldn’t be crossed, and they aren’t willing to take advice. This not only hurts their subs, but it hurts them and the community as a whole.

What do you think about the onlyfans debacle and payment methods and social media outlets banning, closing and cracking down on SWer accounts? What do you believe should or could be done to stop it?

I personally left Onlyfans back in March of 2021 due to the changes they had in their TOS. That combined with the fact I had so many issues with the platform and it’s payout system itself made the choice to leave very easy for me. I felt that the debacle recently was something we all could have easily seen, and I’m glad they somewhat recanted their changes. There’s a lot of SW’s that rely on that platform and have a large following there, so the change would have been harder for them. Most the kinks I deal with were not allowed on OF either (pegging for example), so I looked for greener pastures and found AVN/Pocket Stars to be great. 

I think the banks and credit card companies are shooting themselves in the foot in the long run by being so discriminatory towards my line of work, but I’m also not terribly worried for myself. I prefer to use Crypto exchanges, and there are some currencies that are for SW’s exclusively now too! More subs should start using crypto for the ease and anonymity during the transaction.

So where do you see yourself in 5 years? Do you have plans to still Dom?

In 5 years, I hope to have a fully functional dungeon running. Not just for in-person sessions for myself, but I hope to create an education and training center for Dommes, and be able to have a safe place for Dommes and subs to enjoy themselves. It’s a big dream and will take a lot of work, but it’s something I will make happen.

What style of dominating do you enjoy most?

Total Power Exchange. Being in control of every aspect of a subs pleasure and pain is a big turn on for me.

Are you a strict, rough, sadistic Domme or a sensual, emotional, spiritual Domme?

I bounce between both fairly often. My subs know that I am meticulous and require their full obedience otherwise they will be punished, and I am fully ready and capable of kicking their ass. But I also tend to my subs needs and am very particular about aftercare.

What are three things every domme should know how to do to be a successful Domme?

Listen. Be concise. Never stop learning.

What is your view on financial domination? Should men be drained of every penny they have like some Dommes say or?

Findom is a very misunderstood kink in my opinion. Now when you scroll on Twitter there’s a lot of “Fuck you, pay me” Dommes, and that’s all fine, but it has created a stigma around Findom. The true kink is found when a sub is finally relinquishing control over one of the most important things in someone’s life; money. That can be explored in ways without extorting or exploiting a sub. I prefer to have a discussion about their limits and what (if any) expectations they may have. Often times I’ve created a better financial situation for a sub by controlling their finances. It’s extremely hot when a Finsub does their job properly, but I like my pets to stick around. Not break them and throw them away.

What types of gifts do you like to get from subs? How do you prefer subs approach you?

Cash/Crypto is always preferred. I know a lot of subs enjoy purchasing specific items though so I have made a wishlist and I make clear what sites I prefer gift cards from. 

I like a sub to approach with tribute, and ready to discuss their desires from the relationship. If a sub approaches without *any* form of tribute, I presume they aren’t serious and I ignore their requests. My time is valuable and should not be wasted whatsoever.

What part of your body do you find attracts subs to you more? And how do you use it to your advantage?

My mind and my words are what captivated them first and foremost. 

No sub approaches without some kind of trigger, and that’s my specialty.

How does it make you feel when another sub falls down your rabbit hole?

Falling down my rabbit hole would be an honor and delight to any sub. I am not easy to please, despite my basic expectations. Devotion and true loyalty are rare, and when a sub effortlessly embodies my expectations, they are spoiled. So much more than they deserve. It feels good to validate their existence.

Lastly do you utilize safe words and aftercare during and after a session?

Yes! We most definitely have a safe word. We haven’t had to use it yet. 

As for aftercare, that is something I actually specialize in. I feel that the best sessions and loyalty come from a sub that knows they are truly cared for. The reason that I take time in evaluating my long term subs, is to make sure I understand and know I am the best fit for them as a Domme.  Aftercare is a much larger portion of my Domme Style than many others you will encounter.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the readers?

I will let you fall in love with Me, then take everything you have with a smile. Approach properly, betas. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I would like to Thank Queen Prudence for taking the time out of Her busy life to let me interview Her. I hope you check this lovely lady out and show Her some love…

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6 thoughts on “the Queen will mindfuck you now…

  1. I liv d this interview, maybe the best ever. I would love to know two things. Queen Prudence, how do you feel about equality in D/s between sub and Domme…you refer to yourself as superior, does that make a sub inferior? Can D/s exist for you when you are both equals only one serves and the other is Queen? Second, for someone who seems so naturally dominant, do you experience love in this way too? I know a number of lifestyle Dommes who are this way in both their primary and several side relationships who they run.


  2. All of my D/s relationships have equality to them prior to an actual session. Even when someone approaches as a submissive, I do not view them as “lesser” for any substantial reason other than that’s what their kink is; for Me to view them as inferior. I am a firm believer in consent. That being said, all my long term D/s relationships consist of two equals where one is submissive and the other is dominant. I feel that allows the subs to be more vocal on what they would like to experience, and gives Me the opportunity to give them a better experience.

    As for love, yes. My personal relationship definitely has aspects of a D/s relationship. I am much more assertive and tend to be the one who makes the important calls and manages the finances. It has caused issues in the past with previous partners that never truly understood or embraced my dominance. My current partner understands Me completely and supports My work though, which has helped us both grow beyond our wildest dreams as partners.


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