2 Nights of Bliss and debauchery…

I had the most eye and mind opening time of my life recently. I was attending, assisting and part of a fetish themed video shoot with the beautiful and lovely @Hooray4Lilith and @MaeveMadam. It took place over the course of two nights.

The first night consisted of shooting raceplay content with one of Goddess Vivians long time boys, “Toby”. Goddess Vivian did some olden day southern content with some AB/DL age regression thrown in. Then it was a BLM volunteer canvassing for votes. Which then led him into being hogtied to a ottoman and whipped with his belt. Then she sat on his back like a horse while pulling the rope strands. I made a cameo in this clip where i am a gay maintenance man who walks in and points and says, “that’s so racist”. Later it was lazy husband who dreams of seeing his wife with another man with a BBC. To which she makes her lazy husband lap his mess up off her boots. This was all so much fun to see and be a part of. We all had a good time and Goddess Vivian is so talented and knows exactly how and what angle to capture the scene at. Everyone was relaxed, safe and unharmed.

The last scene of the night involved me and Goddess Vivian. I was a sissy maid and dreamt of being her toilet. We talked while sitting in the bathroom and she got me to admit i wanted to be her toilet. She asked me what toilets do and asked if i wanted to worship her feet or be her toilet. I thought for a second and said toilet. So she had me lay on the floor of the shower and she hiked her dress up and straddled me and gave me a golden shower all over my face and body. She then had me clean up as she walked off camera. Best night of my life.

The second night was my first time meeting the lovely Madam Maeve. She is a delight and so beautiful and OMG so so talented at what she does. Very caring too. Always checks to make sure she is not hurting her slave and if she should slow down or go lighter. When i was watching her scenes with Toby as Goddess Vivian shot it on camera I was in total awe. WOW! She is amazing. She blew me away with how good she is. i have never met a Domme like her before. She DEFINITELY knows her stuff. The clips she did started out with her having toby restrained to a spanking bench and flogging, cropping and paddling his body while constantly asking what color he is. Her version of asking if a safeword is needed. She also asked what number of pain he felt with the last smack as well as asking if he wished to continue. He enjoyed it very much as seen by the constant leaking of ejaculate all over the leather part of the bench. lol…

Then it was a scene where she invited her friend goddess vivian over to show off her house maid who they later discover has a thing for cum. As well as discovering why the recent lack of house work which was due to watching porn and shaking his cage to try to jerk off. The scene starts with the maid folding his owners laundry and messing up and being scolded for it and then redoing it and doing a good enough job at it then her friend comes over and the Madam instructs slave to serve them wine. To which he does. He then goes back to finishing folding her laundry while being talked about, laughed at and verbally bashed. Then Madam instructs slave to pull his panties to the side to show Goddess Vivian his caged little dick. Which he does and when asked, to tell them how long he’s been caged for, he tells them 70 days. They then laugh. Then Madam makes slave clean her toys she just used on her slave wiping them down with lysol wipes. Goddess Vivian teases the sissy maid with a BBC dildo comparing sizes and then throws it at him. Telling him NOT to touch it. The scene ends with the maid being a footrest and bench for both the Goddess and Madam to sit on and relax.

At the end of the night I helped clean up and changed. I then helped carry stuff down to their cars and mine. OH, I also walked over to the local restaurant when I first arrived that night and picked up their dinners for them and brought it back. I had a splendid time and lots of fun. I enjoyed watching how they work and what they do. It gave me a much better understanding and a huge appreciation for what they do. To also see, after each clip is over, how they treat their slaves and show that they care so much, was a wonderful sight. They also made sure we were ok and asked if we wanted aftercare. To see how sweet, kind and caring they are made me happy and wanna keep shooting with them. it also made me proud to be their slave.

Go check out Goddess Vivian and Madam Maeve and spoil them and treat them well. They deserve it! I want to personally thank them both for showing me how amazing this lifestyle truly is and what a slave should really feel like and how they should be treated. THANK YOU!

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