let this Goddess make you cry

Goddess Flemish




How did you get into the lifestyle? What do you like about it?

A few years ago I had a blog on Tumblr where I posted my somewhat exhibitionist selfies. Nothing vulgar but I always noticed comments about the beauty of my feet. So I started doing the FetishGirl. What I liked was to feel flattered by fetishists with a sub nature (I still find myself much better with that kind of fetishists). So I approached the femdom, starting a dominant path that also led me to live session.

What do I like? It is really reductive to explain, I can only say that since I placed myself in the FemDom world my vanilla life has also changed. I am more focused, confident, motivated, and rereading a retrospective of my adolescent years with the criteria of a Domme, I was able to explain the reason for many behaviors that in adolescence I considered strange (the pleasure in seeing males suffering, my troubled relationships, my obstinacy and my desire for affirmation, etc …)

How does seeing males suffer make you feel and how do you like to make them suffer?

I like to make men deeply dependent on me on a psychological level. I learn to get to know people quickly, to understand the way they communicate, if they keep something hidden, if they are lying to me or not. This “sensitivity” of mine has always helped me to get what I want from men, especially in terms of devotion and favors. They, on the other hand, in moments of lucidity feel like jeck and I feel an immense pleasure in seeing that despite this, they do not know how to let me go. When it comes to “punishment,” I like to use the law of retaliation. The more you like something, the more you want something from me, the more I’ll make your life a living hell, slowly.

What fetishes do you enjoy the most and what kinds of punishment turn you on ?

I love the adoration of the feet and in the last months I am in fixation also with that of the heels, even if being born as Fetish girl I am very confiding with a little of the world fetish. I really want a slave to take care of my hair, brush it, massage the skin etc. I think it is fabulous and I wish they were adored properly. I love wax, pet play, and…if we’re close and you call me “mami,” I’m going crazy. I am also experimenting with anal play and it gives me a lot of sense of power, I will definitely want to deepen.

Speaking of anal play are you into to pegging slaves? Have you ever done that before? What would you like to do with anal play?

I have amateur experiences, but yes I tried (I recently published the video of a pegging session) and the feeling of power you have in penetrating is overwhelming. Surely it is a power dictated by our sexual and cultural education but very fulfilling anyway. I like (and I realized this fantasy) the anal plug, vibrators, but in general all the Toys, which are great for stimulation. You can reach very high levels of tension.

Are there any fetishes you will not do or do not like?

I don’t love scat and pissing, they’re definitely my big limit. I’m definitely having problems with needles, which I’m terrified of, so even the clinical isn’t for me

Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years? Do you plan to still be a Domme?

The last year for me was a moment of enormous ascent and giant steps, if in 10 years I still see myself dominating? Perhaps but surely in a different form, indeed, I hope so. I would like to grow and find the perfect way to fulfill my dreams of domination, I hope to become like those dommes that I admire.

What Dommes do you admire? What style of domination do you enjoy? Strict, rough, abusive or sensual and gentle ?

I prefer not to say my sympathies, nor who I admire; some are Italian, others German, Slave or English. Also because it doesn’t even mean that I agree with their styles. I like discipline but actually if I feel very good I also let go. I feel spontaneously attractive (characteristically speaking) and this allows me to be more calm, which is well suited to my not being rough. I think dominance is expressed in so many shapes and subtleties, even a glance can put you back in line.

Did the pandemic change the way you do sessions?

Honestly no, I’m very selective and already I don’t like to know too many people so it was not difficult to avoid doing so.

Do you prefer in person or online more?

I prefer in person obviously, it’s totally different. However the majority of the relationships I have develop online, most of the time nobody convinces me enough (character distances, different conceptions, boredom, lack of stimuli) to want to continue; moreover they only sexe in my region, I don’t think a long distance D/s ratio can work (so much for keeping it online in that case) and that greatly reduces my range in real.

Has twitter helped gain you more slaves and d/s relationships along with time wasters? What do you think should be done about time wasting slaves?

Twitter helped me enough, you know what didn’t help me? Damn shadowban lol. Who makes you waste your time, what can I say, I don’t waste my time for them to say anything about it.

Were you always dominant growing up ? Did that steer you to being a domme now?

I know that many will turn their nose but we must accept that the concept of dominance is absolutely constructed, like that of power. With a slightly Nietzschean expression I could say that it is Human, Too Human. I’ve always had character sides that clash with accepted standards, I’ve never felt 100% compliant with the concept of woman I was raised with and what I did was enter a world with different rules in which to feel comfortable. The narrative of “I have always been totally dominant in life” I find it reductive, seems to me the classic cliché of the woman who must always show herself invincible and inflexible, when it is clear that we are much more and it is precisely the complexity of our psyche that makes us fascinating and allows us to think and overcome ourselves.

What is your view on chastity and do you believe all men should be locked In One?

Chaste slaves are docile, meek, they would do anything for you. I love how their level of sexual frustration can turn into discipline and self-control, every slave should experience chastity to train. In general I would not want all men to be in chastity…some free men for me and my sisters I would keep some…!

do you get sexual pleasure from punishing slaves or when they are serving you?

I like to keep them disciplined but I HATE being recidivist, so it depends, the first times can be exciting but I don’t tolerate brat subs, or you learn to abide by my rules or you are out, I don’t grant punishments to anyone.

what is your ideal slave?

My ideal slave is polite, sensitive and knows how to express his particularity but knowing how to always put me at the center. It has to be someone I can deal with, smart, but it has to know when to shut up. I’m very pretentious, it’s not easy to amaze me but not impossible.

What are your thoughts on findom?

Findom is controversial, devious, perverse, a drug difficult to break away from for the Subs and that gives addiction and immense sense of power to the Dommes. I do not consider myself a Findomme as much as I have had and I have moneyslaves, I do not feel I belong to 100% purely. I feel that it is a much deeper practice than the simple passage or control of money, it is the abandonment towards the limit of ruin, a limit that must be able to manage and i am still in the process of elaboration and ascent in learning to refine my management techniques.

What are your thoughts on all the bs lately with onlyfans payment services banning sex workers and and clip sites cracking down on sex workers with all these new rules? What do you think should be done about it?

I believe that everyone should be free to create what he wants and to be able to make a business of it, it is not right prohibition, it punishes those who should indeed be protected.

how do you like subs to approach you tribute then message message then tribute ask questions first or….

A gift is a great ‘ business card’ not always valid of course, you also have to know how to behave.

What are your favorite gifts to receive from slaves?

Perfume, jewelry, bags and books. And of course money.

What are three things that annoy you in this lifestyle ?

The prejudices on female domination (the exclusive economic interest, the narration of “you have not yet found the right one who knows how to dominate you” etc…”, The dominators from below and when I notice little support among mistresses.

what are your goals in life?

Find serenity and freedom. Regardless of Femdom I hope to establish myself as a woman and create something of my own.

What are your thoughts on time wasters and slaves who do chargebacks and not send? What should be done about them?

“wasting time” is a subjective concept that does not always coincide with “not paying”. However, I believe that not paying homage is disrespectful to the time we spend dedicating ourselves to every activity in this world. It’s the least you can do to send a gift as a sign of respect. I don’t think we can change that, we should just spread more consciousness.

when you’re out running errands and you see men do you get a sense or feeling that they are submissive or do you get a feeling they are dominant?

Well, I try to understand what vibes they emanate, I like to observe them and I like when they are intrigued by my presence. I notice if they look at the shoes, what they do if I look them in the eyes. I fantasize about some guys I meet, but it’s rare. I think it is much more often the opposite. I fantasize about what, they, might do for me.

lastly, is there anything you’d like to say to the readers? and also what would your advice be to a new and upcoming female domme wanting to get into this lifestyle?

I’d tell readers to check out my social media. Aaaand don’t let the new young dommes be fooled by how seemingly hassle-free the BDSM world looks. It is and can be toxic and dangerous, you have to study and be conscious of yourself but above all, have fun and remember that you are the queens of the kingdom that you create!

I would like to Thank Goddess Flemish for taking the time out of Her busy life to let me interview Her. I hope you check this lovely lady out and show Her some love…

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