cum let me warp your brain and reprogram you

Goddess Zola


How did you get started in this lifestyle and why did you wanna get into it?

I got started early in college to make a little extra on the side doing what I already loved doing, being in control. I wanted to get into it to help myself feel more confident and grow as a woman.

Have you always been dominant? Also, while you were in college did you have any guys as your slaves?

I never had any irl slaves for safety’s sake, I am a naturally dominant person within my relationships but as a woman who is as petite as I am, safety has to be my number one concern.

What steps should a woman becoming a domme take to keep her self safe when she starts getting slaves either online or IRL?

well, you’ve heard of the idea of keeping work and pleasure separate, right? It’s very similar to that but more so along the lines of two identities. obviously no one wants to be doxxed, which is the act of outing someones personal information to the general sexworker public so creating new emails and not tying yourself to other social medias is crucial.

What are your thoughts on dommes bashing other dommes, snatching other dommes’ slaves and dommewrecking?

the entirety of the recent sexual liberation that we as a world have been going through hinges all around one thing, consent. So to comment on how I feel about the constant degradation that goes on, I think its all rather ridiculous. We present ourselves how we want to be seen in this community. We present our own feelings on topics to (hopefully) better align ourselves with our target market. I find it a waste of energy to rip another apart when, in reality, you never have to actually work with or interact with another’s account. It’s a free market.

On that subject what do you think of sites cracking down on SWers and banning content or closing accounts?

I despise censorship. I see no point, when these things really do exist in our world. There should be options and age checks at the least within our settings to be able to access these things because they will always find their way back.

Just like the payment methods banning SWers what do you believe should be done about that?

again, I don’t really see the point. how do they really know? and what business is it of theirs when they’re making their money anyway?

What are your favorite fetishes to engage in and why do you like them?

I like humiliation, because it gives men the hot take they need to improve themselves, whether they take the advice or not, lol. I like chastity because I don’t think men should be warranted an orgasm before satisfying women. my third favorite is tease and denial because it shows you how low men will truly go.

What do you enjoy about being a domme the most and do you get sexual pleasure out of it?

I enjoy the power and empowerment I get from dommeing and Yes I do!

What does it feel like when you feel this sense of empowerment when you are dominating a slave? what does it make you wanna do?

It makes me want to attain more and work harder. Its a positive feeling for sure

Whats your take on punishment and what is your favorite method of it?

nothing quite makes someone squeal like ignoring them, so I’d have to say thats my favorite

Whats the longest you’ve ignored a slave for as punishment and what did you make him do to get your attention back?

Tribute $100, and weeks, maybe a month

What advice do you have for new Dommes?

Don’t give up on yourself and build your domme dynamic, no one else’s matters. my all time favorite thing to tell new dommes when they ask is: “It’s your world baby”

Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years? Do you think you’ll still be a domme?

It’s not in my plans necessarily but I love doing it so I wouldn’t doubt it, I’m rather indifferent to the idea.

Do you think all men should be locked in chastity permanently? And what are your thoughts on pegging?

pegging is fun, and I don’t feel that way no, there are dominants and submissives in both gender identities

If there was a movie made about you what would it be called?

Demonic Dame

Has the pandemic affected or helped the way you do sessions? And do you prefer in person or online and why?

I prefer online for safety as I stated earlier and I think the pandemic has more so hindered my ability to find subs due to the rest of the world suddenly making an income online.

Are you a strong, rough, and strict domme or a soft, gentle, caring and sensual domme?

soft caring domme, but I don’t know about gentle lol

How do you like slaves to approach you?

I like them to send an initial and message me that they did, but I also don’t mind the subs who ask a few questions prior to sending their initial tribute to get a gauge on how our relationship would run.

What types of gifts do you enjoy getting and what are the top three that you’ve gotten?

I received a great lingerie set which is probably my favorite, and I have gotten gifts from computer mouses to socks to hoodies, nothing is really out of the question.

What do you like about financial domination is there anything you don’t like about it?

The only thing I dislike is the overabundance of dommes that have taken it up as a hobby since covid. It’s a lifestyle, not a cashgrab.

How do you tackle being a findom and your vanilla life? how do you keep them balanced or do they fade into each other?

they’re balanced because I only make my significant other aware of them if the relationship becomes serious enough to be in the loop. I keep my findomme life very private. no one really knows about it aside from the people closest to me.

What do you look for in a slave?

companionship and open mindedness, as well as ambition and obedience

what happens to slaves when they disobey and how many chances do you give them before letting them go?

I usually give my subs the three strike rule. They are then blocked and must pay an unblock fee to be able to communicate with me again.

How much is your unblock fee? How many end up not paying it?

my unblock fee is $50-$100 depending on the sub’s relationship with me and how they’ve treated me. As frustrating as it is, I would say roughly around 60% end up not paying the fee

How do you feel about slaves who go behind your back and send to other dommes or serve them and or dommes who try to steal your slave dommewrecking in other words?

I am the type of Domme who prefers her slaves to devote their time to me and me alone, so I am usually rather frustrated by their deviance to my preferences, but I also understand the fact that as much as I love to be in control I cannot control every aspect of my sub’s minds or lives. Which realistically, for the sake of this interview, also brings it back to the fact that it IS a free market like I had stated early on.

Are you into sissification? if so what do you like about it?

I am into sissification, I like that males are broadening their femininity. If women are able to be classified as Tom-Boys, why aren’t males given their own variant of the word?

What term would you use?

I feel like they should be given an equally frustratingly representative name for the male edition of tom-boy.

Are there any fetishes you will NOT do and if so why?

by way of fetishes and the realm of fetishes I don’t play well in I have a few. Raceplay is high on the list of fetishes I don’t think are sexy, as much as that is a possible realm of humiliation I don’t feel that it is attractive to demean someone over something as drastic as race for the sheer caliber of mental trauma it could possibly cause.

Do you believe in aftercare and checking in on your subs and making sure they’re ok? how do you handle situations where they need to take a break or do you not let them?

I absolutely support the idea of aftercare, but I find it rather difficult to discern whether a sub wants it or not due to the fact that it’s rarely communicated prior to sessions.

Do you at least ask how they are and if they do want it, after a session or scene is over?

I let subs have their space if they announce that they need it but I find that communication it absolutely necessary when subs need a break, or after care. communication within these relationships, specifically over the web is absolutely crucial.

What do you find works best to get subs to send to you? your written words? teasing them with photos, videos, audio recordings or what?

I find that most betas will send if I tease their mental in a style that is leading, rather than following their lead like most women do in the vanilla world. A really simple analogy would be to explain it in terms of dancing. I am the type of woman to lead a man on the dance floor, rather than let him lead. It kinda falls into that whole, “It takes two to tango,” statement.

What are your goals in life or in this lifestyle?

I have a few goals when it comes to findom. I hope to empower as many other women as possible, as I have been by the Dommes I have come in contact with. I also want to continue to learn newer styles of Dommeing as well as promoting my onlyfans in the coming months.

and lastly is there anything else you’d like to say to the readers?

I want to express appreciation for the opportunity to share more about myself as a Domme, and am excited to be back to dommeing full-time after a hiatus to better my mental health.

I would like to Thank Goddess Zola for taking the time out of Her busy life to let me interview Her. I hope you check this lovely lady out and show Her some love…

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11 thoughts on “cum let me warp your brain and reprogram you

  1. Glad to see you back doing interviews. It is a pleasure to read the different styles and motivations. It is sad to think that physical size becomes a safety issue even in a community predicated upon male submission to female erotic power. Total obedience is my kink, and I am sorry that such a goddess is not surrounded by so motivated slaves.

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      1. I am I serve her locally and shoot content with her and am her domestic slave too I help her with online stuff and promoting her I’m proud to wear her collar and she is so beautiful and I love serving her she makes me happy and gives my life purpose I think of her all the time

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