a goddess to tease you into her trap

Temptress Sakura




How did you get started in this lifestyle and what amde you want to become a domme?

I’ve always been intrigued by foot fetish so I decided to create a page dedicated to it. In the meantime I stumbled across femdom and findom. Decided to observe for a while, followed a couple of big names in the community. After a few months observing and gathering knowledge in BDSM I decided to hop on and create my Domme persona and page. It’s also important to mention that I’ve always been dominant in my love life, although most of it I was unaware of. Since then I’ve been exploring fetishes and discovering what I enjoy.

And what have you found you enjoy fetish wise? Also what do you NOT like and why?

I’ve found that I enjoy pet play, chastity, and body worship. I’ve also discovered I’m very sadistic and enjoy the pain and suffering of others. It’s very pleasurable for me. I absolutely love the dynamic that findom brings. The power exchange is fantastic. I’m still exploring more fetishes like smoke fetish, fart fetish and others. Hard limits for me begin with anything that doesn’t involve consent or something that goes against my morals. Rape, incest, race play are some of them. Also scat is a hard limit for me, I just can’t find any attraction to it.

What about chastity do you enjoy the most and do you believe all men should be locked up? You mentioned also that you enjoy pain how much and what kind of pain do you enjoy inflicting onto your subs?

I do believe all men should be locked up. The world would definitely be a better place! Men make their decisions very often with their dick. Horniness is a dangerous mental state for a man. I can state that I’m a control freak. I enjoy being in command of everything in my life. That’s why I can easily become a brat if things don’t go my way. Being in control of how and when a man will have the privilege of orgasming is quite fun. Not to mention I’ve always practiced tease and denial. I love leaving a man with blue balls. That’s why my title is Temptress in the end.

There’s obvious limits regarding pain. Limits for the submissive himself, and limits on the body harm that can be done. I’ll go as far as the submissive can handle without ever reaching permanent damage. I love cbt, it’s one of the main ways I inflict pain in my submissives. But I’ll usually give a list of tasks that can be fun and painfully at that.

What’s the longest you’ve had a sub locked in chastity for with no orgasm?

The longest was 1 month. They can’t last very long with me.

What do you do when you tease how do you tease?

Well very summarized I use all that I have to my benefit.. My voice, my body, my words. The deadly trio.

What advice would you give to someone that is just starting out and wanting to be a domme?

I would say to research as much as they can. Observe the big names in the community. Learn RACK and SSC. Learn about a fetish before catering to it. And most importantly, be yourself!

What is your ideal slave and what do you find works best in regards to attracting them?

My ideal slave must be honest, communicative and selfless. I must be the priority at all times and the only focus point. In terms of what works best to attract them i’d say is my personality and my body. Everyone is different so there’s always different things attracting them.

What are your thoughts on pegging and facesitting/smothering also known as queening?

I haven’t done pegging yet but it’s definitely on my to do list. As for face sitting I enjoy it very much! I love making them beg for air.

If there was a movie made about you what would it be called?

That’s an interesting question. “Obsession”

What have you found that irks you in this lifestyle as in annoys you

Time wasters! That’s the thing that annoys me most.

If you had it your way what would you do with all the time wasters of the world?

Remove their internet access.

What method of approach do you prefer from potential subs?

Sending tribute first is my favorite one. And the most respectful one as well.

Speaking of tribute what are three of the best gifts a sub has given you?

Uhm they only buy things from my wishlist so it’s not as if they thought about it.

What gifts do you enjoy getting or would like to get from subs then?

Flowers, clothing, a spa treatment and obviously…money.

Do you believe women rule the world and should rule the world?

Yes, to both questions.

When walking around when you look at aguy can you tell if he is submissive or dominant?

That’s a funny question! Becoming a Dominatrix has completely changed how I view men. You can definitely tell the difference in them. Very easily.

What’s your view on clipsites cracking down on content type and payment methods cracking down and banning accounts of SWers?

It’s a complete discrimination against us. And only pushes us to find illegal ways to survive and that will put us at risk.

What do you think should be done about it or is there anything that can be done?

I think we should all get together to either stop them or find a way to make a payment method for ourselves.

Gotta ask how many tattoos do you have on your body?

18, one being the whole sleeve I have.

Which one is your favorite and why? And where is it?

My sleeve definitely! I just love the way it looks on my arm.

Did the pandemic affect the way you do sessions? And do you prefer in-person or online ?

I haven’t done any in person sessions since I started my journey right before the pandemic hit. So it had no affect on them. But I will soon do an in person session! I’ll obviously require a negative covid test and I will do one myself. I prioritize safety.

What toys or devices do you enjoy using during a session and which one is your favorite and why?

Floggers, ropes, crops. Anything that will easily bring pain.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Do you plan to still be a Domme? With that being said…what are your goals in life and also in this lifestyle?

I see myself as a very successful Domme, travelling the globe for sessions and to meet fellow colleagues. My main goal is to have a dungeon!

If you could live anywhere where would it be?

That’s a very tough question! I can’t pick one exclusive place! Japan or Holland

Do you enjoy sissification?

I prefer to name it feminization. But yes, I do!

What do you like about it?

I enjoy making the submissive feel pretty and confident. I really love making pretty girls. Just so I can later pimp them out. This is why I’m dangerous. I’m sweet, caring and seductive. But under all that lays an evil side.

What about toilet play NOT scat just piss are you into that?

Piss is a possibility, I’m open to trying it out!

Do you consider yourself an emotional, soft, caring, gentle Domme? Or a rough, strict, harsh, dominant Domme?

I consider myself a mix between those. I can be caring and gentle when required or I can be harsh and strict.

What form of punishment do you find works best with a disobedient sub? What form of punishment is your favorite?

Physical punishment is usually my go to. I believe doing something they really hate (but doesn’t cross their limits) reminds them who’s in charge.

Is there anything youd like to say to the readers of your interview?

Come check out my profile and allow yourself to be trapped by me.

What do you enjoy most about being a domme?

The confidence and power I have discovered within myself.

How do you juggle both your vanilla and fetish lives? Or do they mix together?

They mix together. A lot of people in my life know what I do so I can live comfortably and with no hold backs.

Do you believe in and perform aftercare? And do you encourage safewords?

Of course! I always play safely!

What is your idea of aftercare?

It depends. When it’s online it can just be a few minutes of chat to check the submissive mind set after the session. In person it would be the same but with some body check ups.

Last question what is your favorite position to have a slave in? And what is the most memorable moment from a session or a task you had a slave do for you?

On all fours, head down. Most memorable was when a sub put out their cigarette on their dick.

I would like to Thank Temptress Sakura for taking the time out of Her busy life to let me interview Her. I hope you check this lovely lady out and show Her some love…

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