let this wolf devour you, the sheep…

How did you get started as a domme and what made you want to become one?

Well I’ve always known there was something about me that men seemed to be intimidated by and would sort of lose their composure around me. I caused this reaction often and almost everywhere I went… when I was younger i didn’t really like this “power” and would try to downplay myself and try to blend in as much as possible. I didn’t quite understand what it was yet, but I didn’t want the girls to be jealous of me and I didn’t want the boys to act all weird around me. So i became a master at trying to fit in, even though it didn’t work most times. Eventually I decided to be true to myself and began to realize this was a gift! A super power! One thing led to the next until I finally discovered the world of bdsm and I knew that here I could joyfully and pridefully be my authentic self and my gift would be celebrated as a dominatrix.

What type of slaves do you enjoy most? And how do you typically like them to approach you?

First and foremost I love a true slave. I find that a true slave will be open to my guidance and will be open to trying most things within the parameters of their boundaries. This allows for maximum flexibility when crafting a scene. A special place in my heart for sissy slaves, transforming them and forcing them into feminization. I also absolutely love rope bunnies / bondage slaves and I think when a slave enjoys these elements it can be incorporated into so many different types of scenes.

As far as approaching…The best way is through the application to serve me in person that is on my website MissMonicaWolf.com. Or through my onlyfans as I answer all messages there and love to communicate with my fans there! Niteflirt is also a good communication method

What kind of domme are you are you a stern tough and rough mistress or a gentle caring and sensual domme?

I am a shapeshifter which means my style varies and very much depends on who I am playing with. I am very in tuned with what others are thinking/feeling and so it allows me to penetrate my submissives deep (no pun intended lol). I believe with great power comes great responsibility and so I make it my mission to plan sessions that are transformative and enlightening. That gives me the most joy! I am a highly sensual person and so that always comes through in my sessions. Sometimes the sensualness is contrasted with mean and cruel, sometimes with motherly, sometimes with strict, sometimes with playfulness. The only constant is the sensualness of it all. Can’t help it.

With that being said what do you enjoy most about sissification?

What I enjoy most about sissification is seeing the transformation and the total release of societal roles. I love to see a sub get stripped of his unchosen identity. I neutralize the identity by going the polar opposite of the identity they currently present to the world. If it’s masculine we go feminine and that’s how I reset their identity. It’s amazing and cathartic! So liberating.

What are some of your favorite fetishes and why? Top 3…

too many to list…There’s no rank. I’m more interested in having a sub I enjoy! With a good sub anything can be enticing.

Is there anything in the lifestyle that you see or hear about that you don’t agree with?

Most recently I saw something about a domme posting a video of a sub without the subs consent. That is such a violation. I don’t care how starved you are for content! There needs to be consent, trust and respect at the forefront.

So with that I’m assuming you believe in safe words and aftercare?

Absolutely. And negotiations prior to a scene. If I’ve seen a client for a while I’ll usually know where it’s safe to go and so it may require little to no pre session negotiation and at that point they usually trust me enough to craft the experience as I see fit… But with newer clients it is especially important.

What would be your advice to a new domme wanting to get into this lifestyle?

Do it because you truly enjoy it, do it with a meaningful purpose and not because you think it will be easy money. The greatest reward I get from this job is feeling like I am making my contribution in undoing some of the mishaps of society and releasing souls from that evil fucker that is peer pressure and societal “norms”. Even if only for a moment!

What are your thoughts on payment apps and clip sites cracking down and banning SWer accounts? What do you think if anything should be done about it?

It’s frustrating! They claim it’s because of underage trafficking and child sexual abuse so I think they should put in place a system of preventing that instead of banning SWer accounts.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Do you see yourself still being a domme?

Yes, in five years I see myself still being a domme. I see myself acquiring more skills and having a ton of videos published. I hope to have had a lasting impact in the subs who have sessioned with me and I want to start a REBELution!

If there was a movie made about you what would it be called?

Miss Monica Wolf: the greatest conundrum of the 21st century

Do you think all men should be locked in chastity and that women rule and should rule the world? Or only certain men with dicks under a certain size

Only certain men should be locked in chastity, many penises I just don’t care enough about to care if they are locked or not lol and if I claim you as my property then I’d definitely want you in chastity any time you are not in my presence. Women definitely rule and should rule the world!

What should happen to men when women take over the world?

They will serve us and be kept in cages… they will only be let out to work for us and to be used.

Do you like to punish your slaves and what do you find works best punishment wise?

Ignoring/Abandonment works best for extreme cases. But for small infractions a good spanking and psychological guilt tripping does the trick.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

I like it here in the US. Ideally  Would have a place in Florida, New York and LA

What type of gifts do you like to get from your slaves and what are a few of the ones you’ve received?

Cash & Amazon gift cards are the best I also have a gifts list on my website

And how does it make you feel when you are sent gifts or money ?does it turn you on?

Gets me excited in more ways than 1. Definite turn on.

Do you love wearing lingerie how does it make you feel when wearing it?

I prefer fetish wear, but lingerie if it’s the right color like black or red can be really empowering and sexy.

What is your favorite instrument (toy or device) to use during a session?

Mhhh id say rope, Flogger, my hand for a good spanking, and sounds

Do you have a fond memory of a session? Or a funny/scary moment from one?

Fond memory: a very special re-naming moment. 

funny memory: a client who was shaking and screaming the whole entire session he was very expressive. 

I would like to Thank Miss Monica Wolf for taking the time out of Her busy life to let me interview Her. I hope you check this lovely lady out and show Her some love…

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